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Pre-Travel Checklist

This pre-travel checklist will help you make sure all of the necessary steps are in place to get you up and running.


EVERYWHERE delivers a communications platform to customers operating in the world’s toughest environments and provides a vital communications link to keep deployed personnel connected and protected. EVERYWHERE delivers global location, messaging, and SOS for total situational awareness on a single pane of glass.

Step 1:
Download the EVERYWHERE Mobile App

Our iOS and Android App is the tool your teams need to be Always Connected.™ With EVERYWHERE Intelligent Routing™ that seamlessly and automatically switches between cellular, WiFi and satellite (when paired with a Garmin inReach), your teams will never be without vital communications.


Step 2:
Activate EVERYWHERE Mobile App

A configuration Key is needed for you to activate your app.
Your administrator will have this key. 


Step 3:
Configure Phone Settings

Watch these short intructional videos on how to enable location services and tracking.

Step 4:
Confirm Phone Settings

It is important to follow these steps earn how to Bluetooth pair your inReach communicator with the EVERYWHERE App. Once paired, send a test message while outside.

Bluetooth pairing instructions
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Network Status Monitoring

Watch these short intructional videos on how to enable location services and tracking.

Dedicated Resources

Network Status Monitoring

Know the current operational status of the EVERYWHERE Platform. Get real-time reporting on the EVERYWHERE Hub, Mobile App, Satellite Messaging, Email, SMS and more. Subscribe to get updates.

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Message Delivery Troubleshooting

inReach products use GPS satellites to find your position, but send and receive messages through the Iridium satellite network. Depending on your location and your surroundings, messages can be sent or received in a matter of seconds, or it can take up to 30 minutes. In certain situations, it could take longer, especially if tracking is not actively being used.

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24/7 Video Support Channel​

These short videos will show you how you can get started with your communicators and walk you through some of the important features of the EVERYWHERE Platform. 

EVERYWHERE YouTube Channel

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