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Mining company automated Remote Check-ins to protect at-risk lone workers







Intro: The duty-of-care regulations have grown more rigorous globally, increasing corporate responsibility and liability in the utility, mining and forestry industries. 

Countries like Canada, Australia, and England have passed new legislation that exceeds previous mandates to protect high-risk employees. As a result, simply providing remote employees the ability to send an SOS is no longer adequate. The higher standard specifies that organizations must be able to monitor the status of their employees at all times regardless of their location and be able to respond and provide help in real time in the event of an emergency.

Implementation: Scheduled and Remote Check-ins

Automated scheduled and remote check-ins for lone workers with the EVERYWHERE App. Duty of care laws vary based on region; therefore, it was important for a global mining company with operations in several countries to meet or exceed mandates regardless of the mining site. They chose the EVERYWHERE Always Connected™ Platform. The multi-device, multi-network solution gives employers true situational awareness and asset monitoring by consolidating position, status and message information in or out of cellular coverage. The cellular-based EVERYWHERE App can be Bluetooth paired to a Garmin inReach for satellite connectivity. Two-way chat with individuals and teams also allows workers in the field to stay informed. Customizable check-ins are easily implemented globally for any team or organization, regardless of the complexity of the enterprise.


The EVERYWHERE HUB and Mobile App provided real-time tracking and messaging, which allowed the company to locate their personnel, and communicate with them. The app also enabled the company to set up geofencing and alerts, which notified them in case of any boundary breaches (safe or otherwise). 

Remote and Scheduled Check-ins

Solution: The EVERYWHERE Platform provided near real-time tracking, Garmin GPSMAP 67i, Montana, and Mini 2 with Global Team SOS via the Iridium satellite network.

Mining employers must proactively protect the safety and well-being of geologists, explorers and geophysicists who are operating in remote areas and conducting high-risk activities. Organizations can no longer rely on their workers to remember to check in periodically. Nor can they depend solely on safety operators to determine when a missed check-in is legitimate.

Garmin GPSMAP 67i

The GPSMAP 67i by Garmin provides on-device mapping and navigation, Global SOS, secure personnel and team tracking and communications powered by inReach technology to provide mobile situational awareness and duty of care for your company’s most important asset, your people.

Battery life

Up to 165 hours at 10-minute tracking and up to 425 hours at 30-minute tracking (Expedition mode)

Worldwide SOS

Send interactive SOS alerts anytime, from anywhere in the world

EVERYWHERE Mini by Garmin

Powered by Iridium

Track and communicate with team members deployed around the globe

Topographic Maps

View terrain contours, elevations, coastlines, rivers, landmarks and more

Results: Having an established process of remote communication that is always accessible to both employees and employers benefits organizations.

 Employees can focus on their job requirements without distraction, making them safer and more productive. And safety operators are better equipped to quickly follow up with any concerns, thus reducing stress, the loss of assets, and even the loss of lives.  

Protecting at-risk lone and remote workers to create a culture of safety

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