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A forestry company located in a remote area of a National Park faced challenges in monitoring their personnel and equipment







Intro: The forestry industry is an essential sector that is responsible for the management, maintenance, and harvesting of forests for timber production, wildlife conservation, and recreation.

The industry is prone to several risks such as accidents, natural disasters, and theft, which require effective communication and tracking solutions. Garmin inReach® Mini 2 satellite communicator is a reliable tool that can be used in the forestry industry to enhance communication and tracking of personnel and equipment.

Problem: A company located in a remote area of a national park faced challenges in monitoring their personnel and equipment.

The company had limited cellular coverage, which made it difficult to communicate and track the location of their staff and equipment. In case of an emergency, the company was unable to provide immediate assistance to their workers, which posed a significant risk to their safety.

Solution: The company decided to implement Garmin satellite communicators with the EVERYWHERE HUB and Mobile App to improve communication and tracking.

The Garmin satellite communicators are compact and lightweight devices that can be easily carried by personnel. It provides global messaging, location monitoring, custom-routed SOS alerting, which can be accessed using the EVERYWHERE HUB and Mobile App. The company integrated their existing Esri maps, inlcuding Factal layers through the Hub which allowed them to overlay their own custom information, alerts and data.

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Esri Base Maps

Esri maps are the industry standard for enterprise and government organizations. With the EVERYWHERE Always Connectedâ„¢ platform, customers will be able to see the location of their people and assets overlayed onto their Esri maps.

Implementation: The company distributed the Garmin Mini 2 and GPSMAP 67i satellite communicators to all their remote personnel.

The EVERYWHERE HUB and Mobile App provided real-time tracking and messaging, which allowed the company to locate their personnel and equipment, and communicate with them in real-time. The app also enabled the company to set up geofencing and alerts, which notified them in case of any boundary breaches or unauthorized movements of their equipment. For global connectivity, Garmin satellite communicators GPSMAP 67i (for its advanced mapping capabilities) and Mini 2 were deployed.

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Results: The implementation of the EVERYWHERE Platform improved the communication and tracking of the forestry company's personnel and equipment.

The company could communicate with their workers in remote areas and provide immediate assistance in case of an emergency. Check-ins, real-time tracking, and messaging enabled the company to monitor the movements of their personnel and equipment, which helped to prevent theft and damage. The geofencing and alerts provided an added layer of security, which helped the company to detect any unauthorized movements of their equipment and take necessary action.

The solution improved the safety and security of their personnel and equipment, and enabled the company to manage their operations effectively. The forestry industry can benefit from the implementation of this solution to enhance communication and tracking, and improve the safety and security of their operations.

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