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Satellite Communicators

As an integral component of the EVERYWHERE Platform, these communicators go beyond the limits of cellular networks, and stay in touch with your team with global two-way messaging via the Iridium® satellite network. If necessary, trigger an interactive SOS message to the Garmin Response℠ 24/7-staffed emergency response coordination center. Plus, with Bluetooth paring to the EVERYWHERE App, you get the best of both worlds, Garmin hardware, EVERYWHERE software.

inReach® Mini 2

This compact satellite communicator helps you keep connected when you’re off the grid — adding peace of mind to every job, without adding weight to your pack

inReach® Messenger

If you’re venturing off the grid, this small, rugged satellite communicator goes beyond the limits of cellular networks with global two-way text messaging

Montana® 700i

To keep jobs on track, this handheld combines on- or off-road navigation with global messaging and interactive SOS via inReach satellite technology

Montana® 750i

Capture images with Montana’s digital 8-megapixel camera. It geotags photos with coordinates, so you can navigate back to favorite sites in the future


Get inReach® technology that enables two-way messaging, interactive SOS alerts and location sharing plus mapping to keep you on course

inReach® Mini 2 for Government

For use on the Commercial or Government Gateways to track and communicate with team members deployed around the globe

EVERYWHERE Solar Satellite Tracker

The EVERYWHERE Solar Satellite Tracker (SST) for Government is a standalone and programmable, solar-powered Short Burst Data (SBD®)device that offers real-time GPS tracking and local wireless sensor andcommunication capabilities over Bluetooth

Choose from 5 inReach Annual Service Plans

Find the service plan that is best for your team. All plans come standard with EVERYWHERE Intelligent Routing,™ SOS Monitoring and no overage fees.

(Billed annually, per user)


Track Rate: N/A
Messages per month: 20
Best for: Teams who need
SOS only


Track Rate: 30 min.
Messages per month: 50
Best for: Teams that require non time-sensitive tracking and limited messaging


Track Rate: 10 min.
Messages per month: 75
Best for: Increased messaging and quicker track rate for enterprise remote teams


Track Rate: 5 min.
Messages per month: 250
Best for: Enhanced track rate for teams who utilize advanced features such as geofencing and pulse welfare check-ins


Track Rate: 2 min.
Messages per month: Unlimited
Best for: Teams that need real-time situational awareness on location and messaging

1. Preset messages are free ​​
2. EVERYWHERE reserves the right to change the data plan of any device that exceeds its monthly allotment in successive months​
3. Each weather request counts as one message against the selected plan; available only on inReach devices

Choose from 4 Solar Satellite Tracker Annual Service Plans

No hidden fees, billed annually per user


Track Rate: 720 min.
Best for: Stationary equipment


Track Rate: 60 min.
Best for: Stationary equipment or infrequently-moving vehicles


Track Rate: 30 min.
Best for: Moving vehicles or equipment


Track Rate: 15 min.
Best for: Vehicles or equipment that move frequently

1. $20 Activation fee ​
2. $5 Suspend fee per month 
3.​ EVERYWHERE reserves the right to change the data plan of any device that exceeds its monthly allotment in successive months​

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