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Ensuring the safety and security of high-profile executives during their travels is of paramount importance
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Intro: Executive protection agencies face challenges while safeguarding their clients, high-ranking executives, during international trips. Traditional communication methods often fall short in areas with limited or unreliable cellular coverage, hindering timely response to emergencies. Additionally, maintaining constant awareness of executives’ locations and potential threats demands a more sophisticated solution.

Implementation: The agency integrated the EVERYWHERE Mobile App with Garmin inReach devices and the EVERYWHERE Hub. This innovative combination leveraged the global coverage of the Iridium satellite network to establish a seamless and reliable communication channel even in remote locations.


Geofences were established using GPS coordinates to create virtual boundaries around specific areas. Whenever an executive entered or exited these zones, the system generated alerts. This feature ensured that executives' movements were continuously monitored, enhancing overall security.


Solution: Executives (or security team) could trigger SOS alerts through the EVERYWHERE Secure App, immediately notifying the executive protection team of any emergency situation. The inReach device transmitted the alert along with precise GPS coordinates, enabling rapid response.

Global Team SOS enables notifications to be sent to the entire team via automated voice call, text message, or email. When a user pushes the SOS button on the inReach or EVERYWHERE Companion App, the emergency alerts are activated, enabling the proper individuals to act at a moment’s notice. EVERYWHERE has the capability to route Emergency Alerts to any relevant stakeholder through the use of Multi-Channel Notifications, enabling firefighting professionals to determine the best course of action for a rescue in an SOS event.


Solution: Heat Maps for risk assessment: Data collected from executives' inReach devices was visualized on heat maps through the EVERYWHERE Hub. This enabled the executive protection team to identify patterns, potential risks, and areas of concern, contributing to more informed decision-making.

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Results: The EVERYWHERE Platform represents a significant advancement in executive protection, combining satellite-based communication, location monitoring, and data analytics. 

This comprehensive solution ensures the safety of high-profile individuals during international travel by enabling rapid responses to emergencies, continuous tracking, and informed risk management. It centralized information, allowing the executive protection team to collaborate efficiently, share critical updates, and make informed decisions.

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