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A leading news organization needed a reliable solution for their reporters covering stories in remote locations
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Intro: Media companies need a way for their reporters to stay connected with the newsroom and transmit important updates and location information back to headquarters.  

In conflict zones, media reporters often work independently or in small teams, lacking the infrastructure and resources available to larger news organizations. The absence of stable communication channels makes it challenging for reporters to coordinate with each other, share vital information, or seek support from external sources, such as security personnel or humanitarian organizations.

Problem: Protecting media crews in remote areas of war and unrest with unstable or unreliable communications.

In conflict zones and areas of unrest, media reporters face significant risks while attempting to cover events and provide crucial information to the public. These risks are exacerbated when communication systems are unstable or unreliable, making it difficult for reporters to communicate and ensure their safety. Therefore, the problem at hand is to develop effective strategies and solutions to protect media reporters in these challenging environments where communications infrastructure is compromised.

Solution: The EVERYWHERE platform enables worldwide connectivity, efficient communication management, and essential SOS features.

One of the key features highly valued by users is the worldwide SOS functionality in the EVERYWHERE App. In emergency situations, users can activate the SOS feature, which triggers immediate alerts to designated contacts or emergency response teams. This ensures that prompt assistance can be provided in critical situations, enhancing the safety and security of remote teams. To ensure global coverage, the mobile app integrates seamlessly with Garmin inReach Mini 2 satellite communicators. These devices utilize the Iridium satellite network, offering worldwide connectivity. Remote crew can connect their mobile app with the Mini 2 device, allowing them to leverage satellite communication capabilities and maintain constant contact with the outside world.

Implementation: The company distributed the Garmin inReach Mini 2 satellite communicator with the paired EVERYWHERE Mobile App to all their remote personnel.

The EVERYWHERE HUB and Mobile App provided real-time tracking and messaging, which allowed the company to locate their personnel, and communicate with them. The app also enabled the company to set up geofencing and alerts, which notified them in case of any boundary breaches (safe or otherwise). 

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Results: The Garmin Mini 2, EVERYWHERE HUB, and Mobile App provided a reliable and effective solution for the news organization's remote coverage needs.

The infrastructure for communication, including internet connectivity, mobile networks, and satellite communication systems, is often damaged or disrupted in areas of war and unrest. This presents technical challenges in establishing reliable communication channels for media reporters, forcing them to rely on unreliable or ad-hoc solutions.The devices' ease of use and real-time connectivity allowed reporters to focus on their work and provided the newsroom with the critical information they needed to stay on top of breaking stories.

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Conclusion: Overall, the EVERYWHERE 'Always Connected' Iridium satellite communications platform offers a comprehensive solution for remote reporters operating in war zones.

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