New Feature: EVERYWHERE Check-ins

ANNAPOLIS, MD 22 September 2021 - Check-ins let you easily define and assign schedules and welfare checks in the Hub, while leveraging multi-channel notifications (SMS, email, app notifications and voice call) complete with time-stamped location information. For example, users can schedule automated Check-ins for specified teams or single-out active team members with a user-defined geofence. They can simply respond with “I’m OK” or “I need help” to send their status and coordinates over the Iridium satellite network, cellular or WiFi. You will know who has checked-in and who has not, as well as where they are. Giving you complete visibility on your teams anywhere in the world. Learn more

Vital Communications to the Front Lines

ANNAPOLIS, MD 31 August 2021 - EVERYWHERE Communications provides vital communications for organizations on the front lines of world events. The EVERYWHERE Communications platform is currently supporting NGOs leading earthquake response in Haiti, Hurricane Ida relief efforts in New Orleans, and US Government agencies supporting Wildland Firefighting efforts in the Western US. An EVERYWHERE-equipped Wildland Firefighter stated, “Having access to the exact location of resources on a fire is a game changer, another step towards safer wildland firefighting.”  

EVERYWHERE delivers communications solutions to customers operating in the world’s toughest environments. Providing a vital communications link to keep deployed personnel connected and protected. We deliver global location, messaging, and SOS for total situational awareness on a single pane of glass. Leading the industry in innovative end-to-end solutions using EVERYWHERE Intelligent RoutingTM, we utilize the new $3B Iridium® satellite network and Garmin® handheld communicators.EVERYWHERE Intelligent RoutingTM is designed for users operating in and out of cellular coverage and leveraging our platform of Always Connected solutions.

“EVERYWHERE Intelligent RoutingTM has been huge for us. Having a seamless tracking experience in and out of cell coverage has helped us protect our people in some of the world's most dynamic environments.” – EVERYWHERE Customer Operating in Conflict Areas

“We solve hard problems for organizations that require connectivity for their people operating in challenging environments,” said Patrick Shay, the company’s founder, and CEO. “Our solutions are based on EVERYWHERE patented technology, and we have built a world-class team of mission-driven professionals dedicated to saving lives around the world.”

“Establishing communications and making sure our people are protected is a pivotal step in accomplishing our mission. EVERYWHERE provides our teams the peace of mind to better the world by relieving human suffering on a global scale.” – EVERYWHERE NGO Customer 

2 Way Email

ANNAPOLIS, MD 24 June 2021 - Communicate back and forth from the field to an email address that is both web and mobile friendly. Message a valid email address from your inReach or your Companion App. Users can now simply click a link included in the body of the email to respond and see the user’s live location. See all of our new features in our latest release.


ANNAPOLIS, MD 19 Apr 2021 - Drop a pin on the EVERYWHERE hub from your computer to your team to navigate to or save a specific location. Contact our customer success team today for a live demonstration. 

Device Reporting

Analyze your team’s device usage for specified time frames. Understand trends in usage of satellite vs. data. The EVERYWHERE reporting on the Hub provides insights into your team's activity by enabling you to download daily/weekly/monthly reports. 

Updated Alerts

Adds geofence names for geofence crossing alerts and aliases for pulse responses. Need to be notified daily when your team arrives on each site? Label your geofences for each work site from the EVERYWHERE Hub and receive notifications on the EVERYWHERE App

Message History

Download your message history when typing in configuration key to a new device. Did you get a new phone recently and are worried about losing your messages when you download the EVERYWHERE App? With message history, you have no reason to fear. Every time you type in your configuration key into a new device, a prompt will pop up asking if you would like to download message history before logging in. 


Contact tracing for COVID 19 with EVERYWHERE Platform

Article credit : Tim Fallon

ANNAPOLIS, MD 07 Jan 2021 - Covid-19 has ravaged the planet and every company wants to ensure their employees minimize risk of exposure. Contact tracing is an important tool to help with this. Organizations want to monitor their employees’ movements, especially when in a small, indoor, shared space. If a positive case comes back, administrators need to know who was in close contact, where, and when.

Geofencing used to monitor employees in buildings

With EVERYWHERE’s key feature Geofence alerts, customers can draw a geofence boundary around their various offices. Every time an employee using the EVERYWHERE App or inReach enters or exits the geofence (or office), a notification is triggered. If an employee does indeed test positive for Covid-19, administrators can track the notification flow and identify which of their other employees may need to be tested or quarantined. At EVERYWHERE, we are proud to play a part in controlling the global pandemic and reducing the spread of coronavirus. 

Guardian Angel Security launches Guardian EVERYWHERE Hub: reliable safety for remote workers

AUCKLAND, NZ, 1 December 2020 - Guardian Angel Security, the industry-leading provider of lone and remote work solutions in Australasia, has launched the Guardian EVERYWHERE Hub for robust and secure 24/7 communication, monitoring and local response co-ordination for remote workers; incorporating dual-mode cellular and satellite communications technology solutions from US-based EVERYWHERE Communications.

Guardian Angel Security has signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Island with EVERYWHERE Communications for the use of their global suite of product solutions for communication, location and monitoring of remote workers via satellite devices, smartphone apps, a web portal, location-based services, and APIs using patented deployed technology. More

Guardian Angel releases comms solution for isolated workers


How a Top 20 Mining Company Connects and Protects Mineral Exploration Teams Around the Globe

Article credit : Chad Nexon

ANNAPOLIS, MD 1 December 2020 - The Exploration team at one of the world’s top 10 copper producers explores a diverse portfolio of claims around the globe, often in remote areas far outside of cellular coverage. Using consumer satellite devices, they struggled with manual check-ins, siloed communications, and an overall lack of situational awareness. More

Miners drilling core samples in Australia

EVERYWHERE Launches Newly-designed E-commerce Website

ANNAPOLIS, MD 18 November 2020 - Everywherecomms.com has added a more robust e-comm platform to better serve the growing demands of online sales. In the process, newly integrated support, updated product content and multiple payment options help customers learn about the EVERYWHERE Platform and purchase products.

EVERYWHERE Rescue at Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals

ATVs equipped with EVERYWHERE inReach by Garmin  

20 August 2020 - “At Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals, we are in the outdoor adventure business, and occasionally accidents happen. By partnering with EVERYWHERE Communications, we go the extra step to connect and protect the users of our equipment.

As part of our ATV rental program, we provide our customers with an EVERYWHERE inReach device by Garmin. Recently, I received notification that one of my customers, operating in a remote area of Colorado, had pushed the SOS button. EVERYWHERE notified me both within my EVERYWHERE App, showing where they were when they pressed the SOS button, and via a phone call from the GEOS emergency dispatchers. The GEOS operator notified me that there had been a rollover accident with injuries and had dispatched the sheriff and rescue personnel. On my way to the scene, I expected to be the first responder for our clients; however an ambulance passed me on the way and arrived on scene before me. The county sheriff had arrived long before me or the ambulance. Two patients were transported via ambulance, a third person was med-evaced out. The coordination with emergency services was simply impressive and efficient even in the back-country of Colorado. All of this occurred very quickly and was a result of the customer having the EVERYWHERE inReach by Garmin with them.

EVERYWHERE provides us with the confidence to fulfill our mission of providing safe access to outdoor adventures throughout the state of Colorado.” -Clay Bidwell, Owner/COO of Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals

Iridium Announces Beta Partners to Validate its New Iridium Edge® Solar Remote Asset Management Device

13 August 2020 - Iridium Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: IRDM) today announced six beta partners (including EVERYWHERE) for its newest out-of-the-box satellite IoT device, the Iridium Edge Solar – an intelligent, secure and maintenance-free solar-powered remote asset management device with over-the-air configuration capabilities. More

NEW APP FEATURE: External Text Messaging via SMS

07 August 2020 - ​Building on the inReach feature we recent launched, EVERYWHERE Companion App users can now send text messages both to internal teammates and web users via secure messaging, as well as to external parties via SMS. More

NEW APP FEATURE: External Text Messaging

06 June 2020 - ​EVERYWHERE's international SMS can deliver to over 1000 mobile carriers in 150+ countries. We support 2-way communications in over 40 countries, including the US and Canada, and are continually adding support for more countries.

SMS text messages must be initiated by the inReach user using a fully qualified phone number [+Country Code][City Code / Area Code][Phone Number]. For example, +19876543210 would be how to enter the US phone number +1 (987) 654-3210. More

NEW APP FEATURE: External Text Messaging

06 June 2020 - ​EVERYWHERE's international SMS can deliver to over 1000 mobile carriers in 150+ countries. We support 2-way communications in over 40 countries, including the US and Canada, and are continually adding support for more countries.

SMS text messages must be initiated by the inReach user using a fully qualified phone number [+Country Code][City Code / Area Code][Phone Number]. For example, +19876543210 would be how to enter the US phone number +1 (987) 654-3210. More

An Interview with EVERYWHERE CEO, Patrick Shay

06 June 2020 - ​EVERYWHERE Communications has developed an innovative unified communications platform. Leveraging the Iridium Network in combination with Garmin hardware, proprietary software and a communications hub, the company offers global "always-on" communications. More

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