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In the rugged and challenging terrain of transmission line maintenance, ensuring the safety of engineers is of paramount importance for utility companies
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Intro: Utility companies operate vast networks of transmission lines spanning diverse terrains and weather conditions. Engineers, lone workers or small teams, are routinely tasked with maintenance, repairs, and inspections in areas that pose potential risks.

1. Engineer Safety:
 Engineers often work alone or in small teams in remote locations, making it challenging to ensure their safety in case of emergencies or adverse conditions.

2. Real-time Monitoring: The company needed a reliable way to track the real-time locations of engineers and receive alerts in case of unexpected deviations or emergencies.

3. Communication: Effective communication was essential for providing assistance to engineers and sharing important updates or warnings related to their work environment.

Solution: The EVERYWHERE Hub served as the centralized platform for location monitoring and managing engineer safety. While the inReach® Mini 2 constantly tracked the engineer's location via the Iridium satellite network, it transmitted data to the EVERYWHERE Mobile App to provide two-way messaging – allowing them to communicate with supervisors, support staff, or emergency responders.

Geofences: Geofences were established around specific work areas or transmission line segments. If an engineer entered or exited a predefined geofenced area, the system would generate an alert and notify relevant parties.

Scheduled Check-ins: Engineers were required to perform scheduled check-ins at specific intervals. If a check-in was missed, supervisors and safety personnel would receive an immediate alert, indicating a potential problem.

Emergency SOS: In case of emergencies, engineers could activate an SOS signal through the app. This triggered immediate alerts to the company's emergency response team, providing accurate GPS coordinates for quick assistance.

Esri Map Layers: The ability for users to see their Esri base maps relative to where both their personnel and assets are located is crucial to making informed and global timely decisions. By utilizing the strength of both platforms, EVERYWHERE customers around the world will always remain connected and informed to improve safety and productivity.

Results: By leveraging the EVERYWHERE Mobile App, inReach by Garmin, and the EVERYWHERE Hub, the utility company successfully enhanced the safety and efficiency of their transmission line maintenance operations. This integrated solution not only provided real-time monitoring and communication capabilities but also empowered the company to make data-driven decisions and improve engineer well-being in challenging environments.

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