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The oil and gas exploration industry is known for its remote work locations, where teams are often working in areas with no cell service 
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Intro: Working in remote regions of the world poses a challenge for communication and safety, as it is essential to stay in contact with the team and be able to send alerts in case of an emergency. 

Problem: Teams of geologists and engineers working at remote sites in the Canadian wilderness conducting seismic surveys and exploratory drilling face challenges caused by inaccessible roads.

Being dependent on helicopters to transport personnel and equipment, the sites are beyond the reach of cell phone coverage, and the teams need to be able to coordinate their efforts. 

Solution: To address this challenge, the team was provided with Garmin Mini 2 satellite communicators and the EVERYWHERE mobile app.

The Garmin Mini 2 is a compact, lightweight, and rugged satellite communicator that allows users to send and receive text messages, share locations, and trigger an SOS alert in case of an emergency. The EVERYWHERE mobile app integrates with the Garmin Mini 2 and provides multi-channel notifications, including SMS, text, and automated voice calls, to ensure that alerts are received by the team.

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Esri Base Maps

Esri maps are the industry standard for enterprise and government organizations. With the EVERYWHERE Always Connected™ platform, customers will be able to see the location of their people and assets overlayed onto their Esri maps within the Hub.

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Implementation: The company distributed the Garmin Mini 2 satellite communicator to all their remote personnel.

The EVERYWHERE HUB and Mobile App provided real-time tracking and messaging, which allowed the company to locate their personnel and equipment, and communicate with them in real-time. The app also enabled the company to set up geofencing and alerts, which notified them in case of any boundary breaches or unauthorized movements of their equipment.

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Results: The team was able to stay in contact with each other, send messages, share photos, and check-ins.

The app also allowed the team to set up geofences and drop a pin, making it easier to navigate in the wilderness. In case of an emergency, the team could trigger an SOS alert, which would be received by the emergency response team through the app and notifications.

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