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Rugged, durable, light and small


This compact satellite communicator helps you keep Always Connected when you’re off the grid

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Secure inReach® Mini 2

The Secure inReach Mini 2 by Garmin with EVERYWHERE software, is a handheld satellite communicator that provides 24/7 global SOS with secure personnel and team tracking and two-way communications.

inReach Messenger Features

Battery life

Internal, rechargeable lithium battery provides up up to 28 days of battery life in 10-minute tracking 

Worldwide SOS

Send interactive SOS alerts anytime, from anywhere in the world

EVERYWHERE Mini by Garmin

Bright display screen

Sunlight-readable, monochrome, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP) display

Yes, it's that small

Measures just over 3 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide, and weighing 4 ounces

*A subscription plan is required to send and receive satellite messages on this device. Some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit the use of satellite communications devices. It is the responsibility of the user to know and follow all applicable laws in the jurisdictions where the device is intended to be used.

Choose from 5 Annual Service Plans

Find the service plan that is best for your team. All plans come standard with EVERYWHERE Intelligent Routing,™ SOS Monitoring and no overage fees.

(Billed annually, per user)


Track Rate: N/A
Messages per month: 20
Best for: Teams who need
SOS only


Track Rate: 30 min.
Messages per month: 50
Best for: Teams that require non time-sensitive tracking and limited messaging


Track Rate: 10 min.
Messages per month: 75
Best for: Increased messaging and quicker track rate for enterprise remote teams


Track Rate: 5 min.
Messages per month: 250
Best for: Enhanced track rate for teams who utilize advanced features such as geofencing and pulse welfare check-ins


Track Rate: 2 min.
Messages per month: Unlimited
Best for: Teams that need real-time situational awareness on location and messaging

1. Preset messages are free ​
​2. EVERYWHERE reserves the right to change the data plan of any device that exceeds its monthly allotment in successive months​
3. Each weather request counts as one message against the selected plan; available only on inReach devices



All satellite communicators and apps from EVERYWHERE are integrated with the EVERYWHERE Hub. Administrators can use this powerful, web-based platform to communicate with their team in the field, or in the office, no matter where on the planet they are.

EVERYWHERE Hub details

Companion App

Remote tracking, location and messaging, free with all inReach subscription plans. The iOS and Android Apps operate in Wi-Fi or cellular environments and when paired with the inReach Communicators, provide global connectivity and communications.

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The Iridium Satellite Advantage

Iridium’s crosslinked mesh architecture creates a web of coverage encompassing 100% of the planet from Low Earth Orbit, providing low-latency, weather resilient services unlike any other satellite provider. No other network matches the reach, coverage, and reliability of Iridium.

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