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Geolocated Risk Intelligence delivers breaking news to both the EVERYWHERE Hub and Mobile App
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What is Factal? 

Trusted by many of the world's leading companies, Factal is a breaking news technology company that helps organizations protect people, avoid disruptions and expedite disaster relief when global events put them at immediate risk.

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Early breaking news alerts include:

Natural disasters: Severe weather, wildfires, earthquakes and more
Crime and conflict: Active shootings, terror attacks and global conflict
Disease outbreaks: New outbreaks, lockdowns and travel restrictions
Transportation: Travel and freight disruptions in air, road, rail and sea
Cybersecurity: Data breaches, ransomware attacks and internet outages
Geopolitics: Elections, political instability and disinformation efforts

Why use Factal?

 Comprehensive Coverage: Factal provides users with comprehensive coverage of global events, offering a 360-degree view of stories by analyzing multiple reliable sources, including eyewitness reports, official statements, and credible news outlets.

Global Reach: Factal's worldwide network of reporters and analysts ensures your organization is well-informed about events and developments from every corner of the globe.

Data Integration: Factal's data integration capabilities allow you to seamlessly incorporate real-time news and insights into your own data analytics, risk management, or decision-making systems.

Situational Awareness: From the Factal tab in the app, users can tap on their nearby news stories to reveal a map with their location information, the location of the story, and the location of their team members.

Geotargeted Newsfeeds: Users can tailor their newsfeed to focus on locations or regions that are most relevant to them while viewing team members' locations--all on a single pane of glass.  

Risk Management: To identify potential threats, such as natural disasters, geopolitical instability, or supply chain disruptions, and take proactive measures to mitigate risks.

Decision Support: To make informed decisions related to the safety of remote teams and personnel, investments, travel advisories, and crisis response.

Crisis Communication: To react promptly to emergencies and communicate effectively with teams during critical incidents.

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EVERYWHERE Hub integration: Factal data can be seamlessly integrated and overlaid onto maps in the EVERYWHERE Hub, empowering safety leaders to send accurate threat information based on mobile worker location to ensure the safety of employees doing good things in challenging environments.

EVERYWHERE App integration: Mobile users anywhere can receive the most precise news geolocation and proximity analysis on the market. The app displays stories and alerts based on severity from  nearby Factal topics based on a radius to view hyper-local stories to pinpoint trouble areas to avoid.

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Situational awareness: From the Factal tab in the app, users can tap on their nearby news stories to reveal a map with their location information, the location of the story, and the location of their team members. 

Key Features and Benefits:

1. Real-time Event Detection: Leveraging Factal's advanced risk intelligence platform, organizations now have access to instantaneous notifications for critical events affecting the safety of their personnel. From natural disasters to security incidents, the system ensures timely and accurate information for proactive decision-making.

2. Seamless Geolocation Integration: EVERYWHERE Communications, in collaboration with Factal, delivers a unified platform that seamlessly integrates the geolocation of field personnel with the location of incidents. This comprehensive solution provides organizations with a consolidated view on one single pane of glass, enhancing situational awareness and response coordination.

3. Iridium Satellite Network: The solution leverages the robust capabilities of the Iridium satellite network to ensure global coverage and reliable communication, even in remote or challenging environments. This enables organizations to maintain connectivity with their personnel regardless of location.

4. Automation for Duty of Care: By automating the duty of care process, organizations can focus on their core activities while the system works diligently in the background to provide real-time insights, enabling a proactive approach to employee safety and security.

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