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Helping workers overcome communication challenges and provide relief to people in crisis







Background: Humanitarian relief organizations who operate in several countries around the world, look to EVERYWHERE for satellite coverage in regions with unreliable cell networks. 

These areas are in remote developing countries with poor data and cell connectivity, so communication had always been an issue prior to deployment. One area was prone to natural disasters, and the organization had set up a base camp to provide relief to the affected people. The base camp was equipped with essential supplies such as food, water, and medical aid.

“Messaging my team worked in some of the most remote places on Earth”

Challenges: The organization faced several challenges while providing relief to the affected people. 

The primary challenge was the lack of communication infrastructure in the area. There was no cellular coverage, and the internet was intermittent, making it difficult to communicate with the organization's headquarters or other relief organizations. The lack of communication was hampering the organization's relief efforts as they were unable to coordinate with other organizations or provide timely updates to their headquarters.

Solution: To address the communication challenges, the organization decided to use a Garmin Messenger satellite communicator in conjunction with the EVERYWHERE HUB and Mobile App.

The Garmin Messenger is a satellite communicator that uses the Iridium network to send and receive messages from anywhere in the world. The EVERYWHERE HUB is a web-based communication hub that monitors the satellite devices, making it possible to send and receive messages, create check-ins, geofences all from one screen. On a global scale, the security team appreciated the high-level view of all four regions through the Hub, and the regional directors like that the hierarchy displays allow them visibility to only their individual regions. The Mobile App allows the organization to communicate with the EVERYWHERE HUB from their smartphones, making it easy to send and receive messages and coordinate with other relief organizations.

Factal integration: Discover emerging and high-risk events ahead of major media reports. 

Powered by a hybrid of AI and experienced journalists, Factal detects early signals, filters out the noise and verifies the facts at the speed of social media.

Esri Maps: The ability for users to see their Esri base maps relative to where both their personnel and assets are located is crucial to making informed and global timely decisions. 

By utilizing the strength of both platforms, EVERYWHERE customers around the world will always remain connected and informed to improve safety and productivity.

Solution: GSOC integration provided single pane of glass solution.

The IERCC is the world leader in emergency response coordination services and is a global Search and Rescue Coordination Center. While the EVERYWHERE Platform's users are (by default) connected to IERCC, through an EVERYWHERE App or satellite device SOS activation, the platform can also integrate with users' own established GSOC.  

Results: The utilization of Garmin inReach Messengers by humanitarian organizations holds profound significance in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of relief efforts

These devices offer a reliable and versatile communication solution, enabling aid workers to stay connected even in remote and disaster-stricken areas where traditional communication infrastructure might be compromised. The real-time messaging and GPS capabilities of Garmin inReach Messengers allow relief teams to coordinate their actions, share critical information, and receive updates on the evolving situation on the ground. This level of communication empowers organizations to optimize their response strategies, allocate resources strategically, and make informed decisions promptly. By bridging communication gaps in challenging environments, these devices not only bolster the safety of aid workers but also contribute to the organization's ability to provide timely and targeted assistance to those in need, ultimately saving lives and alleviating suffering during humanitarian crises.

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