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Situational management of people and assets in real time for remote teams anywhere in the world

Personnel Monitoring and Communications

The EVERYWHERE Hub provides real-time situational awareness and asset tracking by consolidating position, status, and message information and enabling data communication with two-way capable devices. The ability to visualize the whole picture – knowing where your assets are, and what state they are in – ensures that your personnel can effectively manage your remote operations.


•  Multi-device, multi-network
•  Multi-channel notifications
•  Team hierarchy management
•  Real time tracking & location
•  Two way chat with individuals and teams
•  Custom SOS notification & routing
•  Encrypted messaging
•  Tools for visualization & analytics
•  Third-party integrations​​

Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication scheme that allows a user to log in with a single ID to any of several related, yet independent, software systems. SAML-based single-sign-on (SSO) gives users access to EVERYWHERE hub through an identity provider of their choice.

Esri Base Maps

Esri maps are the industry standard for enterprise and government organizations. With the EVERYWHERE Always Connected™ platform, customers will be able to see the location of their people and assets overlayed onto their Esri maps.

Factal Layers

Discover emerging and high-risk events ahead of major media reports. Powered by a hybrid of AI and experienced journalists, Factal detects early signals, filters out the noise and verifies the facts at the speed of social media.

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WhatsApp Integrated

The EVERYWHERE Always Connected™ platform with WhatsApp bring together Iridium satellite connectivity w/ global event notifications.​​ ​EVERYWHERE Hub user can now configure an individual WhatsApp contact to receive event notifications globally​.

Global SOS

Push a button, get help anywhere in the world

24/7 coverage by professionally trained​ emergency communications personnel

System has successfully coordinated the rescues of thousands of people in need in over 170 countries​

An SOS can be sent to our monitoring center or to a customer desired destination.

Communicate directly with personnel in distress, coordinate response with internal resources and provide situational awareness to on-site team

Polygon Geofencing

Hub users can create a virtual perimeter surrounding key worksites in order to manage personnel and assets. Easy to set up notifications for when users enter or exit a specific zone. Fences can be turned on or off, stacked or overlapped. 


Heat Maps

Uses historic location information to create a visual representation of users' movements

Use analytics to optimize operation

Identify productivity or areas of concern



Let us guide you through a demonstration of this powerful platform to ensure you get the most out its capabilities.


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