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EVERYWHERE Enterprise Solutions

Our platform delivers a global incident command system, location monitoring, and secure messaging. These vital communication links improve team connectivity and productivity, while supporting worldwide worker safety and duty of care in a variety of industries.


The forestry industry is an essential sector that is responsible for the management, maintenance, and harvesting of forests for timber production, wildlife conservation, and recreation.

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A humanitarian relief organization that operates in several countries around the world came to EVERYWHERE with four regions identified that could benefit from our satellite coverage.

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Countries like Canada, Australia, and England have passed new legislation that exceeds previous mandates to protect high-risk employees. As a result, simply providing remote employees the ability to send an SOS is no longer adequate. The higher standard specifies that organizations must be able to monitor the status of their employees at all times regardless of their location and be able to respond and provide help in the event of an emergency.

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A team of geologists and engineers were working on a remote site in the Canadian wilderness, conducting seismic surveys and exploratory drilling.The area was inaccessible by road, and the team was dependent on helicopters to transport personnel and equipment. The site was beyond the reach of cell phone coverage, and there was no reliable way to communicate...

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A media company needed a way for their reporters to stay connected with the newsroom and transmit important updates and location information back to headquarters. In conflict zones, media reporters often work independently or in small teams, lacking the infrastructure and resources available to larger news organizations. The absence of stable communication channels makes it challenging for reporters to coordinate with each other, share vital information, or seek support from external sources, such as security personnel or humanitarian organizations.

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The ability to share locations, create geofences, and drop a pin was particularly useful for monitoring wildlife movements and conservation areas.The SOS capabilities provided an additional layer of safety for the teams working in remote areas. Plus, the multi-channel notification capabilities ensured that all team members could be reached regardless of their location or preferred method of communication.

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A leading executive protection agency faced the challenge of safeguarding their clients, high-ranking executives, during international trips. Traditional communication methods often fell short in areas with limited or unreliable cellular coverage, hindering timely response to emergencies. Additionally, maintaining constant awareness of executives' locations and potential threats demanded a more sophisticated solution.

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A utility company operates a vast network of transmission lines spanning through diverse terrains and weather conditions. Engineers are routinely tasked with maintenance, repairs, and inspections in areas that pose potential risks.

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