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A Satellite Solution for Work and Recreation

GlobalCom Case Study

At a Glance

Expats work at mines for 6-8 weeks at a time and their recreational activities are limited to the mine vicinity. Cycling is a popular pastime; however, conditions around the mine can make the hobby hazardous. To ensure safety, the EVERYWHERE Always Connected™ platform is used to monitor position, status, and message information within teams or with individuals. Despite inherent risks, miners can have fun with the right precautions.

The Challenge

Keeping miners safe does not stop at the end of their shift. On or off the job, mine operators are responsible for employee safety. Inherently dangerous mining sites are often located in remote areas and the surrounding environment can also be challenging. Therefore, the need for safety increases when engaging in activities such as cycling.

The Solution

Miners use the EVERYWHERE App on their smartphones, Bluetooth paired to an EVERYWHERE inReach powered by Garmin® to enable two-way chat, broadcast messaging, and SOS notifications that can be custom routed. Map features like geofencing and pins allow operators to identify areas safe for cycling and to flag both safe and unsafe villages. Scheduled and remote check-in features enable duty of care compliance with minimal engagement, allowing miners to focus on their job or their route.

The Impact

With the right precautions, miners can work and have fun in a safe environment. The deployment of the EVERYWHERE solution brings situational awareness, enhanced communications, safety compliance and peace of mind. Team awareness of safe zones allows recreational activities, like cycling, to make their extended stay at the mine more enjoyable.

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