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Department of Defense

Providing cutting-edge, encrypted solutions to U.S. Government teams through the Iridium EMSS satellite network
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Intro: The US Department of Defense along with Partner Nations and Allies require secure and efficient communications solutions to manage complex operations in multi-domain global environments to ensure the safety of its personnel and resources.

The EVERYWHERE Platform, a comprehensive satellite communications solution, offers tailored and scalable capabilities for personnel location information, expeditionary environment messaging, and remote daily sign of life situational awareness. Learn how the EVERYWHERE Platform integrates into a global operational framework focused on leadership decision making, to optimize search and rescue missions, logistical asset tracking, and many other capabilities which are essential to mission success. 

Implementation: The EVERYWHERE Platform has proven invaluable in search and rescue missions.

Personnel are equipped with inReach® Mini 2 devices that allow them to establish virtual geographical boundaries (geofences) for specific areas. In the event that a team member crosses these boundaries or encounters an emergency situation, the platform triggers automated alerts, notifying commanders and relevant units. This real-time information ensures rapid response and enhances the overall safety of the mission.

Integrating seamless integration with the USDOD Mission Management Center and other existing tactical solutions.

This integration ensures that the EVERYWHERE platform becomes a single pane of glass operational ecosystem, allowing units to populate their PACE (Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency) Plans with real-time data and enabling commanders to make informed decisions based on up-to-date information.

Secure inReach® Mini 2

The Secure inReach Mini 2 by Garmin with EVERYWHERE software, is a handheld satellite communicator that provides 24/7 global SOS with secure personnel and team tracking and two-way communications.

Key Componets: The EVERYWHERE Secure inReach Mini 2 by Garmin

This handheld device provides encrypted messaging capabilities, enabling secure communication even in remote areas. It allows personnel to send and receive critical information without compromising sensitive data.

Key Components: EVERYWHERE Hub

The EVERYWHERE Hub acts as a central control unit, facilitating communication via the Iridium satellite network government gateway. It offers global SOS capabilities, location monitoring, and secure messaging, providing a unified solution for managing emergencies and day-to-day operations.


•  Multi-device, multi-network
•  Intelligent Routing
•  Situational awareness
•  Real time tracking & location
•  Two way chat with individuals and teams
•  Broadcast messaging SOS notification & routing
•  Encrypted messages – text, data, audio & video
•  Tools for visualization, data filtering & analytics
•  Third-party integration​​

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Key Components: EVERYWHERE Solar Satellite Tracker

The product’s self charging, low maintenance, long field life and over-the-air configuration allow usersto create tailored tracking applications to address complex situations. See all of your assets on a single plane of glass. Highly mobile - The Iridium® satellite network provides communications and connectivity formobile applications like oil and gas, transportation, agriculture and surface mining, enabling tracking and monitoring of vehicles and assets in remote areas.

Battery life

Back-up battery capacity provides 2x per day reporting for up to 5 years with no solar availability

Solar Powered

Photovoltaic solar cells, rechargeable and primary batteries smart power management system

Iridium Edge Solar

Powered by Iridium

Track and communicate with team members deployed around the globe

Interval & scheduled reporting modes

Start/stop reporting/in motion reporting

Key Components: EVERYWHERE ATAK Plugin

With this plugin, ATAK users can now access worldwide satellite coverage, enabling seamless communication, monitoring, and mapping functionalities regardless of their location. This represents a significant advancement in the realm of satellite connectivity, delivering an unparalleled level of reliability and security.

Bluetooth Enabled

Seamless connection to your ATAK device

Worldwide SOS

Send interactive SOS alerts anytime, from anywhere in the world

EVERYWHERE Mini by Garmin

Powered by Iridium

Track and communicate with team members deployed around the globe

Topographic Maps

View terrain contours, elevations, coastlines, rivers, landmarks and more

Results: A transformative step in enhancing communication, tracking, and emergency response capabilities.

By leveraging features such as encrypted messaging, geofences, location tracking, and the EVERYWHERE Hub, the USDOD has improved the efficiency of search and rescue operations and streamlined the deployment of supplies. The platform's seamless integration with existing tactical solutions further solidifies its role as a vital component of the USDOD's operational toolkit, enabling more effective decision-making and better overall mission outcomes.

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