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Monitoring the Real-Time Location of a VIP Individual Using the EVERYWHERE Always Connected™ Platform

GTC Case Study

Client Requirements

Remotely tracking the whereabouts of high-value individuals means having a consistent view of their movements in real-time. When the individual is taking a transatlantic flight from the UK to the US, the need to accurately monitor their location becomes even more critical.

A GTC client required a secure and accurate remote tracking function that would monitor their progress as they made their way to Heathrow Airport and flew into Miami International. Their movements would need to be picked up and recorded in an online mapping portal that could be viewed by someone else via a laptop or smart device. Regular bread crumb trails were a requirement to make sure the VIP was still on course, especially in flight which required onboard, airplane Wi-Fi.

A geofence can also be set up to notify specific individuals when the VIP arrives or departs the airport location.

The Challenge: Ensuring End-to-End Remote Trackability

Situational awareness is absolutely key when it comes to monitoring people or even valuable physical assets such as vehicles. Temporary connection outages, particularly when airbourne, could be a factor when it comes to reading and interpreting breadcrumb trails, so right from the start of the journey through to the very end, location data at frequent intervals needs to be logged for viewing access.

The Solution

The EVERYWHERE Hub and the EVERYWHERE App deliver top-down, real-time situational awareness through an interactive map API that logs the location of the tracked asset or individual.

Administrators can view position, status, and message information through their laptops or smart devices. They can also conduct two-way communication with individuals and teams, owing to three of the Hub’s key features: multi-device, multi-network, and multi-user interaction.

Administrators of the EVERYWHERE Hub can make use of its powerful geofencing feature, drawing digital boundaries around key destinations such as airports or hotels, and receive real-time alerts when their tracked asset crosses into and out of the predefined space. The

EVERYWHERE Hub is the ideal solution for seeing the ‘big picture’ and providing global situational awareness for a company’s most valuable asset, their people.

The Impact

GTC’s high-value client was successfully monitored at regular intervals as they made their way from one side of the world to the other, with minimal breadcrumb interruptions resulting in a seamless end-to-end remote monitoring project. The EVERYWHERE Hub provided peace of mind for administrators on the ground that the VIP in question remained where they were expected to be at any given time, all viewable through the EVERYWHERE app on a smartphone.

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