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EVERYWHERE Rescue at Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals

The Challenge

"At Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals, we are in the outdoor adventure business, and occasionally accidents happen. By partnering with EVERYWHERE Communications, we go the extra step to connect and protect the users of our equipment."

The Solution

"As part of our ATV rental program, we provide our customers with an EVERYWHERE inReach device by Garmin. Recently, I received notification that one of my customers, operating in a remote area of Colorado, had pushed the SOS button. EVERYWHERE notified me both within my EVERYWHERE App, showing where they were when they pressed the SOS button, and via a phone call from the GEOS emergency dispatchers. The GEOS operator notified me that there had been a rollover accident with injuries and had dispatched the sheriff and rescue personnel. On my way to the scene, I expected to be the first responder for our clients; however an ambulance passed me on the way and arrived on scene before me. The county sheriff had arrived long before me or the ambulance. Two patients were transported via ambulance, a third person was med-evaced out. The coordination with emergency services was simply impressive and efficient even in the back-country of Colorado. All of this occurred very quickly and was a result of the customer having the EVERYWHERE inReach by Garmin with them.EVERYWHERE provides us with the confidence to fulfill our mission of providing safe access to outdoor adventures throughout the state of Colorado.” -Clay Bidwell, Owner/COO of Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals

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