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EVERYWHERE provides resilient communications to Executive Protection teams around the globe to ensure they are always connected.

The Challenge

Executive Protection teams around the globe operate behind the scenes to deliver the highest level of security for individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, high-profile status, net worth, affiliations, or geographical location. They perform tasks such as surveillance, counter-surveillance, security transport, and advanced operations. 


The EVERYWHERE Secure & Encrypted App, the inReach® by Garmin®, and the EVERYWHERE Hub combine to deliver global SOS, location monitoring and secure messaging via the Iridium satellite network. These vital communication links improve team connectivity and productivity while supporting worldwide safety and duty of care. The principal and executive protection team are guaranteed 100% global coverage with the Garmin inReach and the EVERYWHERE Companion App. EVERYWHERE Intelligent Routing™ ensures messages will be sent via the most efficient data pathway (Wi-Fi, cell, or satellite) automatically. Principals and security teams can send geotagged messages and notifications through the EVERYWHERE App, while the EVERYWHERE Hub provides a single pane of glass to monitor all personnel. 

Geofences can be set up around specific points of interest like guest houses, hotels, and meeting locations to alert security teams to unexpected entrances or exits from areas with a high-risk assessment. The geofence can automatically trigger a multi-channel notification (SMS/Email/Automated Voice call) that would initiate protection escalation procedures.

Custom Team SOS:
Custom Team SOS enables notifications to be sent to the entire team (or a configurable list of stakeholders) via automated voice call, text msg, or email. When the SOS button on the inReach or EVERYWHERE Companion App is activated, the proper individuals can act at a moment’s notice.

Dedicated Support from Subject Matter Experts:
EVERYWHERE Customer Success Managers will tailor a deployment plan that aligns with the key objectives of any Executive Protection team. With real-time support, EVERYWHERE ensures that security teams can protect their most important asset, their people.

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Mining Company Connects and Protects

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