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1:00 pmGeneral Session: Opening CommentsPatrick Shay, Founder & CEO
1:30-2:15pmDriving Innovation through the Customer Advisory BoardJake Bailey, VP Customer Success
2:15-2:30pmBreak (Coffee/Refreshments)
2:30-3:15pmMeet your Customer Success TeamTim Fallon, Chuck Kelly, Evan Connell, Bridget Shaw
3:15-4:15pmWhat’s coming next?Jake Bailey, VP Customer Success
4:15-515pmPanel Discussion and Q&AJake Bailey, VP Customer Success
5:30-6:15pmCocktail Reception

EVERYWHERE Customer Advisory Board Meeting

The inaugural EVERYWHERE Customer Advisory Board was formed to enable the customer voice to guide the company forward. It provides a unique opportunity to connect with other EVERYWHERE customers from both the public and private sectors to discuss user experience, review lessons learned, and to help shape the future of the company product roadmap.


Can't wait to see you. Can you make it?

Please let us know if you are interested in joining our Customer Advisory Board by September 30th. We look forward to your positive response. If you have any questions or require further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to Jake directly at +1 (585) 749-9733

EVERYWHERE Customer Advisory Board (CAB) Details

As a valued customer of our organization, I am pleased to extend an exclusive invitation to you to join our new EVERYWHERE Communications Customer Advisory Board (CAB). Your expertise and insights have been invaluable to us, and we believe your participation in the CAB will greatly contribute to shaping the future of our products. EVERYWHERE Communications is committed to customer-driven innovation, and your unique perspective and experience with our company makes you an ideal Advisory Board member.

The inaugural meeting of the board will take place on November 14, 2023 and will include a Roadmap Review, in-depth presentations and demos of on upcoming features, and facilitated user experience discussions.

Meeting details:
November 14, 2023
1 pm EST to 4 pm EST
30 West St, Annapolis, Maryland

Cocktail reception and dinner to follow. Those unable to attend in person can join in the information-packed sessions via Zoom, and the session will be recorded.

What is a Customer Advisory Board?
A Customer Advisory Board is a select group of public and private sector customers who collaborate with our product management team to provide strategic guidance and feedback on our products, services, and overall customer experience. The board serves as a vital link between our customers and our organization, helping us align our offerings with your evolving needs. We will organize regular meetings, both in-person and virtually, where you can connect with fellow board members and our product team. These sessions will provide opportunities to review lessons learned, discuss the user experience, and collaborate with us on future innovation to help shape the product roadmap.

We will host our first CAB meeting on November 14, 2023 with remote and in-person attendance at our office in Annapolis, Maryland.

What is expected of CAB members?

As a member of the Customer Advisory Board, we request your active participation and contribution in the following ways:

Strategic Input: Share your thoughts, experiences, and challenges related to our products, and how they support your objectives. Your insights will help us refine our product roadmap and better align our offerings with your business objectives.

Feedback and Evaluation: Provide constructive feedback on product features, user interfaces, and overall user experience. Your input will be crucial in shaping the development and enhancement of our solutions.

Collaboration and Networking: Engage in open discussions with other board members and our product team to foster collaborative relationships. This will enable you to exchange best practices, learn from peers, and expand your professional network.

Advocacy and Promotion: Act as a brand advocate by sharing success stories, case studies, and testimonials that highlight the value you have derived from our products. Your insights will help us showcase our solutions to a broader audience and attract new customers.

What can you expect from our product team?

We are committed to making your participation in the Customer Advisory Board a rewarding experience.

Here's what you can expect from our product management team: 

Transparent Communication: We will keep you informed about our product roadmap, upcoming releases, and any relevant updates. We value your input and will share how your feedback has influenced our decision-making.

Collaboration Opportunities: We will host sessions where you will be invited to review the roadmap and see demonstrations of upcoming features. We will facilitate discussions between the CAB and our subject matter experts to solicit input and feedback as well as share best practices.

Recognition and Appreciation: Your contributions as a CAB member will be acknowledged and appreciated. We will recognize your expertise through various channels, including our website, marketing materials, and events.

Your participation in our Customer Advisory Board will not only have a direct impact on our products but also allow you to influence the industry landscape. We genuinely value your expertise and insights, and we believe that together, we can shape the future of our organization.

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