Garmin Device Transition to EVERYWHERE
Garmin Device Transition to EVERYWHERE

Garmin Device Transition to EVERYWHERE

Transfer your Garmin inReach Mini, Explorer, Explorer +, SE or SE+ to the EVERYWHERE HUB.

  • Each device is subject to a one-time $30 activation fee (included in monthly plan)
  • Each device requires an Annual Service Plan to work with the EVERYWHERE Hub

You must agree to our Terms and Conditions prior to purchase.

Choose from 5 Annual Service Plans

Find the service plan that is best for your team. All plans come standard with industry-first Intelligent RoutinEVERYWHERE SOS Monitoring and no overage fees.



Track Rate: N/A
Messages per month: 25
Best for: Teams who need SOS only



Track Rate: 30 min.
Messages per month: 25
Best for: Teams that require non time-sensitive tracking and limited messaging



Track Rate: 10 min.
Messages per month: 100
Best for: Increased messaging and quicker track rate for enterprise remote teams



Track Rate: 5 min.
Messages per month: 500
Best for: Enhanced track rate for teams who utilize advanced features such as geofencing and pulse welfare check-ins



Track Rate: 2 min.
Messages per month: Unlimited
Best for: Teams that need real-time situational awareness on location and messaging

1. Preset messages are free ​
​2. EVERYWHERE reserves the right to change the data plan of any device that exceeds its monthly allotment in successive months​
4. Each weather request counts as one message against the selected plan; available only on inReach devices