Superior Services

We make delivering global communications easy to deploy and use. Our services seamlessly communicate through a powerful central communications Hub.

EVERYWHERE Intelligent Routing™

Two way messaging and seamless data file transfer via most efficient network based on preferences and availability of Wi-Fi, SMS, cellular or Iridium satellite.

Global SOS

Press a button, get help anywhere in the world

Secure & Encrypted Messaging

• AES 256 secure and encrypted  messaging

• Messages are geotagged with the user’s location

• Pictures, video & audio help visualize the situation in the field

• Leverages smartphone’s camera and microphone, along with the       GPS location


Check-ins let you easily define and assign schedules and welfare checks in the Hub, while leveraging multi-channel notifications (SMS, email, app notifications and voice call) complete with time-stamped location information. 

Team Tracking
& Location

​Identify users or team locations

​Select which teammates to see

Time-stamped locations


Polygon Geofencing

Hub users can create a virtual perimeter surrounding key worksites in order to manage personnel and assets. Easy to set up notifications for when users enter or exit a specific zone. Fences can be turned on or off, stacked or overlapped. 

Heat Maps

Uses historic location information to create a visual representation of users' movements

Use analytics to optimize operation

Identify productivity or areas of concern