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EVERYWHERE-TAK Compatibility 

08.09.22   The new EVERYWHERE-TAK integration ties Garmin inReach• devices into existing TAK servers to enable location, text messaging, and emergency/SOS data from inReach• devices inside your TAK environment. EVERYWHERE can also feed data from a variety of other sources into TAK, including the secure and encrypted EVERYWHERE smartphone app and solar-powered asset trackers, to provide global connectivity and situational awareness for your most important asset – your people.

Global Team SOS
Global Team SOS allows users to configure SOS response procedures based on an organization’s unique needs. EVERYWHERE provides in-App, Garmin inReach•, SMS, Email, and automated voice notifications when a team member declares SOS to ensure all appropriate stakeholders are promptly notified.

EVERYWHERE Team Monitoring Platform
Pair the inReach• Mini2 with the EVERYWHERE smartphone app and EVERYWHERE Hub to effectively connect and protect your teams around the globe. EVERYWHERE’s state-of-the-art web-based command & control Hub provides managers and dispatchers with situational awareness of field-deployed personnel using both real-time and historical track points all through a single pane of glass.

Available For Iridium Commercial or Government EMSS Gateway
Iridium’s cross-linked mesh architecture creates a web of coverage encompassing 100% of the planet from Low Earth Orbit, providing low-latency, weather resilient services unlike any other satellite provider. DOD and other federal organizations can work directly with EVERYWHERE to feed satellite data through the EMSS gateway. 

Escalated Missed Check-ins

05.31.22   Now you can escalate missed check-ins automatically. You can set up policies to escalate incidents to selected users or groups through multi-channel notifications (SMS text, email, automated voice call). With the escalated missed check-in time frame assigned, if a mobile worker still does not respond, you can add a rule to notify the appropriate supervisors. The supervisors can then take action to investigate further and determine the necessary response.

EVERYWHERE Secure & Encrypted App updates

05.16.22  New advanced mapping features with live location info, geofences, sharable pins, saved map regions, biometric security, secure and encrypted messaging, alert notifications, global team SOS, geotagged photos, videos, and audio.

Map Drawer

Open the menu of mapping applications by dragging up from the bottom of the screen to see current location (latitude/longitude), select map type (street, satellite, topographic) and manage both team visibility and layers.


Virtual boundaries can be added to the map to indicate high-risk areas or reference location.


Points of interest with coordinates can be dropped on the map, edited and shared with teammates out in the field.

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App Key Management and Custom Message Retention 

02.22.22  Need to switch users for Companion or Safeguard Apps? The new App Key Management enables EVERYWHERE Hub users to administer and release app configuration keys from the device profiles.

App Key Management 

Simply release the App Key from the Hub so that you may switch users, or release a key to install the app on another device.

Custom Message Retention

As part of your organization's information governance approach, you can control how messages and track-points are retained. Use retention rules to set how long to keep messages and when to delete them.​

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Enhanced EVERYWHERE Check-ins: Automated Duty of Care

02.02.22 Check-ins let you easily define and assign schedules and welfare checks in the Hub while leveraging multi-channel notifications (SMS, email, app notifications, and voice calls) complete with time-stamped location information. For example, users can schedule automated Check-ins for specified teams or single-out active team members with a user-defined geofence. They can simply respond with “I’m OK” or “I need help” to send their status and coordinates over the Iridium satellite network, cellular or WiFi. You will know who has checked-in and who has not, as well as where they are. Giving you complete visibility on your teams anywhere in the world.

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Enhanced Check-in Highlights

Scheduled Check-ins

Scheduled check-ins allow administrators to not only set recurring check-ins but also define based on teams or work site schedules. For example, a group of loggers are scheduled to be at a remote job site Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. An administrator can now schedule both days of the week and the time of the day multiple check-ins could occur on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

Remote Check-ins

Remote Check-ins allow remote personnel flexibility as well as added monitoring if needed based on their own individual schedule. The remote worker can now set up their remote check-in recurrence on their device profile and trigger remotely using their EVERYWHERE inReach by Garmin device. 

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09.23.21 Check-ins let you easily define and assign schedules and welfare checks in the Hub, while leveraging multi-channel notifications (SMS, email, app notifications and voice call) complete with time-stamped location information.

Automate Check-ins with your remote workers with two types of check-ins:  

1. Geotargeted Check-ins --  Location defined check-ins for job sites or areas of interest  

2. Team Check-ins -- Manage check-in schedules for specified teams or individuals  

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Check-in Highlights

  • Automated missed check-in notifications at defined time parameters 
  • SMS, email, and automated voice call alerts for missed check-ins 
  • Check-in w/ only users that have been active within past 24 hours 
  • Check-in reports (Safe, Need Help, Missed Check-in, Not Active)  
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Waypoint Import/Export

Import pins from the EVERYWHERE Hub to inReach waypoints

  • Create waypoint on inReach 
  • USB sync inReach
  • Waypoint is displayed as Pin on the Map in the Everywhere Hub 

Exporting waypoints from the inReach to EVERYWHERE Hub pins 

  • Create a Pin in the Everywhere Hub for the device's Team 
  • USB sync inReach
  • Waypoint is displayed on the inReach in the Waypoints page 
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Enterprise Account Set-up 

We’ve made setting up teams even easier. Now, Hub admins are able to set up quick and preset message defaults for teams or sub-teams, saving time when standing-up or editing teams.

2-way Email

06.24.21 Communicate back and forth from the field to an email address that is both web and mobile friendly.

1. Message a valid email address from your inReach or your Companion App
2. Click the link included in the body of the email to respond and see the user’s live location
3. In the Send Message window, enter your message and click send

While notifications on your app can be important, not all may be relevant to you. You are now able to manage which notifications you receive on the EVERYWHERE app. On the EVERYWHERE hub, find your device and select mobile notifications to toggle on what is important to you. 

Watch a demo of the 2-way capabilities in action.

Manage EVERYWHERE App Notifications

Watch a demo of how to manage the notifications on your devices.

Lat/Long SMS

Send messages to any SMS phone number and experience the benefits of geo-tags including lat and long coordinates.

Set External Contacts as Presets

Add any SMS phone numbers and email addresses to preset messages as recipients.


04.21.21  Drop a pin on the EVERYWHERE hub from your computer to your team to navigate to or save a specific location. Contact our customer success team today for a live demonstration. 

Device Reporting

Analyze your team’s device usage for specified time frames. Understand trends in usage of satellite vs. data. The EVERYWHERE reporting on the Hub provides insights into your team's activity by enabling you to download daily/weekly/monthly reports. 

Updated Alerts

Adds geofence names for geofence crossing alerts and aliases for pulse responses. Need to be notified daily when your team arrives on each site? Label your geofences for each work site from the EVERYWHERE Hub and receive notifications on the EVERYWHERE App

Message History

Download your message history when typing in configuration key to a new device. Did you get a new phone recently and are worried about losing your messages when you download the EVERYWHERE App? With message history, you have no reason to fear. Every time you type in your configuration key into a new device, a prompt will pop up asking if you would like to download message history before logging in. 

External Address Sync

New Product--Iridium Edge Solar

12.11.20 In October, we launched a feature called External Address Sync, allowing Hub users to create external addresses (both email and SMS) and copy them onto the inReach using the standard USB Sync process. This allows the inReach user to select, rather than type in, the address of the person(s) they want to send a text message to.

We are happy to announce that we are about to launch the Iridium Edge Solar asset tracking device. This device is a self-contained solar powered “slap-and-track” device that is about the same size as an SE+ or Explorer+ and can be easily installed on any vehicle or other asset. We have a variety of plans to meet your tracking needs.

External Text Messaging via SMS


​Building on the inReach feature we recent launched, EVERYWHERE Companion App users can now send text messages both to internal teammates and web users via secure messaging, as well as to external parties via SMS.

The EVERYWHERE Companion App integrates with your smartphone’s Address Book, allowing you select anyone in your Address Book to communicate with, regardless of whether the message is sent over Wi-Fi, cellular, or Iridium satellite. Additionally, users can begin entering the recipient’s name or number and our auto-complete feature will suggest matching names or numbers.

Because we use shared phone numbers to forward SMS text messages, SMS text messaging must be initiated by the EVERYWHERE App user, they cannot be initiated by the SMS user. SMS replies use the shared number to route the reply to the EVERYWHERE App user who sent the message.The recipient will see that the message is from an unrecognized phone number. However, the message contents will indicate that it is an "EVERYWHERE Msg from " the sender's device alias.

External Text Messaging via Email

For those who would like others to see their location and to let them know they are OK, the EVERYWHERE Companion App also supports email messaging. Email messages may be sent to any valid email address, either manually entered or selected from your Address Book. In addition to your message, the email will include a link that shows your up-to-date location of the sender. Email message replies are not permitted.

EVERYWHERE Intelligent Routing

We have updated the EVERYWHERE Intelligent Routing algorithm to improve the response time of replies to EVERYWHERE App messages initially sent over Iridium. Replies will now be sent via the fastest network, ensuring that the remote worker receives the reply as rapidly as possible.

Mobile vs. Satellite Messaging

Mobile phone users are used to virtually instantaneous communications. This is because your cell phone is always connected to the mobile network. Satellite devices work differently, though. In order to preserve the device battery life, satellite devices like the inReach leave the modem turned off except when it is time to send data. After sending the data, the device requests any messages waiting for it.

What this means is that, when you send a text message via Iridium, the reply may take a while to reach you. This is because your inReach won't get the reply until the next time the device has data to send (typically your next scheduled track point) after the reply is sent.

As an example, with 10 minute tracking, after you sent a text message, it could be 10 to 20 minutes before you see the reply, depending on when the recipient replies to your message. Our Enhanced Intelligent Routing feature is designed to minimize this delay, but text messaging over satellite will always take longer than over cellular or Wi-Fi.

External Text Messaging


EVERYWHERE's international SMS can deliver to over 1000 mobile carriers in 150+ countries. We support 2-way communications in over 40 countries, including the US and Canada, and are continually adding support for more countries.

SMS text messages must be initiated by the inReach user using a fully qualified phone number [+Country Code][City Code / Area Code][Phone Number]. For example, +19876543210 would be how to enter the US phone number +1 (987) 654-3210.

Email messages may be sent to any valid email address. The email will include a link that shows up-to-date location information for the sender.
External messaging may be enabled on a device-by-device basis. This capability works standalone on the inReach today. A future release will add this capability to the paired EVERYWHERE App.

Please contact us if you would like us to enable this feature on your inReaches.

Alerts with Badge Notifications


Notifications, such as team members in SOS, Pulse requests and geofence crossings now show up in Alerts. A bell icon indicates the number of unacknowledged events. Tap on the bell to review and acknowledge these events.

To help provide real-time alerts for you and your team, we’ve added an Alerts page. Did your team member initiate SOS or cross a geofence? Have you received a Pulse Request? When these notifications arrive, you’ll see a activity log of received alerts.

​Improved Message Delivery

With this update, we increase the reliability and timeliness of incoming messages and alerts sent to the EVERYWHERE App while it is in the background.

Pulse Over Iridium


  • In today’s environment, with everyone working remotely, knowing that your workers are safe is more important than ever. Our Pulse feature allows customers to proactively check on the wellness of their remote workers. 
  • Until now, though, only team members within cellular or Wi-Fi received the Pulse. We have just expanded this feature to include users who are out of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage and who are communicating via an inReach. These users will now receive the Pulse message as well, and they will be able to respond whether or not they are okay, allowing you to know that they are safe.

SOS over Iridium--An Industry First

  • Notification of teammates who have declared SOS is a key feature of the EVERYWHERE solution. When someone declares SOS, you want your entire team to know about it. That’s why we recently launched SMS, email and automated voice alerts on SOS.
  • Teammates in the field are also notified via the EVERYWHERE App when someone declares SOS. These users can display a map with the teammate highlighted in red; tapping on the icon displays range & bearing to them.
  • Until now though, only teammates within cellular or Wi-Fi coverage were notified. We have just expanded this to teammates who are out of cellular coverage using their inReach for communications. Now these teammates will also receive the notification of a teammate in SOS, including their latitude & longitude.

At the present time, these SOS & Pulse alerts are not passed from the inReach to a paired EVERYWHERE App – the app update is still a few weeks away.

Local Time


Users now have the ability to choose between UTC and their Local Time Zone. The choice is made under the user’s Settings menu. To choose the time zone, click on the user icon (circle with an initial) and select Settings. Scroll down to Time Zone and click on the down arrow to pull down a list of time zones. Scroll to your preferred time zone and select it. You may also choose between a 12-hour or 24-hour clock. Don't forget to press Save and Close to store your changes

Multi-Channel Event Notification

We have added a new Event Notification feature, allowing individuals to be notified by SMS, email and/or automated voice call upon the occurrence of specific events, namely SOS declarations and cancellations, as well as geofence boundary crossings. Notifications may be set up on a per device or per team basis, and we provide the ability to receive a test notification, so that you can see how it works.

Customer Onboarding Journey

Our Customer Success Team partners with you to find the right approach that fits the specific needs of your organization.

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