Working with Global Leaders in Humanitarian Aid to Keep Their Teams Safe

The Challenge:  

A Humanitarian Aid Organization’s mission is to relieve human suffering around the world in some of the most hostile environments that can be imagined. Without a shared communications system for domestic and international locations, the numerous employees and volunteers would venture to remote communities without the ability to report on their efforts in real-time or message for help during the worst-case scenario.  

Business Problem 

The regional and national directors oversee their respective territories, and each territory is equipped with the ability to supply clean water, food and provisions, shelter, medical care, and disaster relief to communities that lack the infrastructure to provide basic necessities for themselves.  

Their mission, inherently, creates unique challenges that these remote operators overcome to complete tasks in and out of cell and Wi-fi Coverage. These challenges include safety, project reporting, communications, emergency response.  

Without a satellite communications solution in place, these teams had been operating in areas outside of cell coverage with no way of relaying valuable information to their team and most importantly, in an emergency. In an ever-changing environment the supervisors lacked the situational awareness and status of their people.  

Business Solution  

After a consultation with EVERYWHERE, the client knew that the single pane of glass solution would provide invaluable global situational awareness during an Emergency Deployment, while also implementing new procedures as a business tool used on a day-to-day basis.  

EVERYWHERE’s Multi-Channel SOS was configured for the client to customize by region which allowed their teams to simultaneously notify supervisors and stakeholders, security teams, and the IERCC in an emergency for immediate action and extraction, if needed.  

Geofences were deployed to notify the client stakeholders of their team’s movement throughout hostile environments. Geofences around guest houses and project sites triggered notifications on entering and exit to the regional team, as well as selected individuals via SMS and email through the Multi-Channel notification feature. As environments changed, so did the locations of where people could/ should travel. Geofences were also applied Over the Air and proved to be just as dynamic as deployed personnel.