Working with Global Conservation Organizations to Support Remotely-Deployed Personnel in Endangered Ecosystems

The Challenge: 

A global conservation organization faced the ongoing challenge of communicating with their personnel who are working to prevent the extinction of native species in remote environments. Various local communities and government agencies around the globe are rallying together to fight against invasive species that threaten the local flora and fauna. These environmentally threatened locations have been outfitted with monitoring stations where researchers, scientific experts, and volunteers dedicate their lives to the preservation of these ecosystems.  These locations are some of the most isolated and remote regions of the world which amplifies the risks and challenges of protecting their most valuable asset, their people. 


Shortly after contacting EVERYWHERE, this organization knew that it had found the solution to keep their people protected and connected while eradicating invasive species around the world. They now utilize the single pane of glass provided by the EVERYWHERE Platform for real-time, situational awareness in and out of cellular coverage, providing a lifeline to staff and volunteers. Working closely with an EVERYWHERE Customer Success Manager, the regional admins, and end-users quickly became experts of the EVERYWHERE Platform and devices. 

EVERYWHERE Intelligent Routing™ provided an undisrupted link to HQ during the lengthy travel to and from remote locations, and most critically while in the field. EVERYWHERE Intelligent Routing™ automatically transitions to the most efficient data pathway available at any location, seamlessly transitioning between Wi-Fi, Cell, and Satellite.  

Additionally, EVERYWHERE’s Multi-Channel SOS was configured and geographically customized to allow onsite staff to simultaneously notify supervisors, stakeholders, and security teams about the need for immediate action and/or extraction. The EVERYWHERE Always Connected™ Platform solution easily integrated with their day-to-day operations and became a vital piece of their conservation strategy.