Contact tracing for COVID 19 with EVERYWHERE Platform

The Challenge

Covid-19 has ravaged the planet and every company wants to ensure their employees minimize risk of exposure. Contact tracing is an important tool to help with this. Organizations want to monitor their employees’ movements, especially when in a small, indoor, shared space. If a positive case comes back, administrators need to know who was in close contact, where, and when.

The Solution

With EVERYWHERE’s key feature Geofence alerts, customers can draw a geofence boundary around their various offices. Every time an employee using the EVERYWHERE App or inReach enters or exits the geofence (or office), a notification is triggered. If an employee does indeed test positive for Covid-19, administrators can track the notification flow and identify which of their other employees may need to be tested or quarantined. At EVERYWHERE, we are proud to play a part in controlling the global pandemic and reducing the spread of coronavirus

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Working with Global Leaders in Humanitarian Aid to Keep Their Teams Safe

Nov 10, 2021 

A Humanitarian Aid Organization’s mission is to relieve human suffering around the world in some of the most hostile environments that can be imagined. Without a shared communications system for domestic and international locations, the numerous employees and volunteers would venture to remote communities without the ability to report on their efforts in real-time or message for help during the worst-case scenario.  

Mining Company Connects and Protects Remote Teams

Oct 04, 2021 

The Exploration team at one of the world’s top 10 copper producers explores a diverse portfolio of claims around the globe, often in remote areas far outside of cellular coverage.

EVERYWHERE Rescue at Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals

Oct 04, 2021 

"At Rocky Mountain Adventure Rentals, we are in the outdoor adventure business, and occasionally accidents happen. By partnering with EVERYWHERE Communications, we go the extra step to connect and protect the users of our equipment."